March 7

About Us

about us

hello. all carved’ians!

this is the site which pampers and nourish all the ‘aspiring’ new writers, who look forward to ‘carve’ their words across the globe with the aim of bringing a ‘change’ with their inspiring and motivational verdicts.

our site mainly focusses on eight categories:


each page possess different mirrors into which you can glance to enlighten up with knowledge.

our aim is to provide a basic platform for all the ‘hot-blooded’ souls, so that they actually know what is required to be in a professional and practical world of writing. that’s not all about us!


no, we never forget our readers!

this site would surely be a bliss ‘o’ treat for them too. they could be a part of our team too, by writing for us!

if you wish to write for us:  Scribble it out


we respect your suggestions.

if you wish to suggest something new and innovative, please refer to the link:  Contact Us

you can connect to our facebook page: Carved letters

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happy reading! :)

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